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Flower in Hand

About Us

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We believe the human body is amazing and complex, and We deeply believe in its innate ability to heal itself. It is Our job and honor to guide you and your body through that process.

Together we don't just work with the now, we will delve deeper and discover the how.  Whether from a sports injury from years ago or a fall last week, the body holds memory and tells a story ~ if you are able to listen.

That's what we do.  We listen and work collaboratively with each person to design a treatment program, long or short term, tailored to the specific needs of the body and the individual client.  Together we will explore your body's journey and discover what brought you to this point. We will work with your body to promote and foster its own instinctive healing.

Our mission is to promote stress relief, relaxation and a pain-free lifestyle using therapeutic massage and body work modalities which support holistic healing. Our focus is to provide natural solutions while guiding you in the process of understanding and knowing your own body and it's personal needs. Our hope is to provide each client with an overall sense of well-being and restored health.



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